Sunday, May 6, 2012


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Richardson, Will, and Rob Mancabelli. Personal Learning Networks: Using the Power of Connections to Transform Education. Bloomington, IN: Solution Tree, 2011. Print.


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PLN as a teacher

how i plan to implement Personal Learning Networks into my classroom is by making my classroom learning centered which means that i am developing skills to help the children to become lifelong self-directed learners the next way i am going to implement Personal Learning Networks in my classroom is to connect students and teachers inside the classroom i will do this because creating connections in the classroom is an important first step because it gives teachers the chance to lay the ground work for opening up the classroom later.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

technology in the classroom

the technology that i will have in the classroom will consist of computers so that the preschoolers can play educational games and so that i can create powerpoints for lessons. a projector and a smart board so that i can pull up powerpoints that i created to show the preschoolers what the lesson of the day will be.

typical lesson

A  typical day  in my classroom would be first the kids would sign in and hang their coats up then they would wash their hands at the sink then we would have group time next we would have station time in which they would have libaray/relax time, computer time at the computer station, and finally they would get to play at the sand and water table. then we would have a mini science lesson with the store and explore science cart. next we would have a music class with the classroom big drum. finally we would have a writing/language arts lesson with the magnetic write and wipe board.

rituals and routines

the rituals and routines for communication would be when the kids sign in at the beginning of the day i would ask them how  they were feeling that day and then i would have communication with the parents as well. the rituals and routines for asscessibility would be moving things out of the way when kids walk in and then i would ask the children politely to pick up what they were doing so that there could be more accessibility in the classroom. the final thing would be the rituals and routines for student centered learning and that would be to explain directions less and let the kids figure it out on their own.

my classroom /narritive go to saved classrooms and click on miss stephanie k.

the three main issues that i focused on were communication, student centered learning and accessibility the first one i foucused on was communication and i did that by putting in a sign in communication center in my classroom. the next one i foucused on was student centered learning and what i put in my classroom was a store and explore science cart to help the kids learn about science the next thing i put into my classroom was a magnetic write and wipe board to help the kids learn to write. the final thing was accessibility and i did that by keeping open space in my classroom.