Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Belief essay

Stephanie Knapp
Sedu 183

Belief Essay
I believe that learning can occur at any age. Throughout my life I have been learning new things from learning to survive to learning that I am as strong as I thought I was.
When I was a baby I was born premature and during that time I was learning my first out of many lessons and that was learning to survive in the outside world. After I had learned that lesson that was when the real learning began my next lesson that I had to learn was learning how to walk and that took a lot of practice but I eventually learned how to do that. The next step in my life was going to school and when I was in preschool I had to learn how to be a friend to others and how to share. In Kindergarten I had learned how to count and the alphabet. In first and second grade I had learned how to add and subtract. In third, fourth, and fifth grade I had learned to multiply and divide. In sixth grade I had finally learned to do pre-algebra. In junior high school I had to learn to get adjusted to a new school. In ninth grade I had learned how to do algebra1 which is the continuation of the pre-algebra I had learned in sixth grade. Then I had hit high school and my sophomore year in high school I had learned to do geometry and that was fun to learn. In my junior and senior year I had learned how to algebra 2 which is a continuation of the algebra 1 that I had learned in my ninth grade year. I also learned not to be afraid of graduating at the end of my senior year. After graduation I went on to college where I had learned the second to last lesson of my life so far and that was learning to keep my personal items safe. During my first year at college before I came to Edinboro I had a roommate who stole my debit card and put my cell phone in the dorm toilet it was after this happened that I learned that I need to keep my personal  items safe and hidden so that they do not get stolen. The last lesson that I learned was that I am as strong as I think I am. This lesson occurred to me around the same time the last lesson happened because when the last lesson happened I was asked to file a police report  and it was after I did was when the lesson occurred because my dad told me that not many girls my age would have the courage to file a police report like I did and then I realized that I was as strong as I thought I was.

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